MIDIFile2Text hypothetical FAQ

What is it?

This program converts MIDI event information to a simple event list
that can be read by a standard human.

Why is it special?

With MIDIFile2Text, all of your MIDI event-to-text dreams will come
true. In addition, here are some features:

1. Batch processing of files.
2. Deep folder recursion.
3. GUI or command-line usable.
4. Ability to split tracks into separate files.
5. Output text fits R (or spreadsheet) table format.
6. Many event filter options.
7. GUI program is persistant between sessions.

What's it made of?

MIDIFile2Text is coded in Java using netbeans IDE 5.5. It will run
with Java VM 1.5 installed or later. This program also uses some classes
from the jMusic project, which is otherwise primarily a music composition tool.